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Our Mobile Occupational X-ray Services

Companies cannot afford to lose time and money due to the fact that they are legally obligated to send their employees for regular medical examinations to establish fitness and health for duty.  The answer is to have our Mobile Occupational X-ray team come to you and perform our On-site chest X-ray services. At MOXS, we offer a highly trained and competitive team that will not only cut down on lost time and money but will also ensure that your employees return to doing their work as soon as their medical screenings are complete. Our fully equipped on-site mobile unit will allow clients to maximise both health and safety standards on their job sites, but it will substantially reduce compensation costs and employees time away from work.

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Our Mobile X-ray Unit

As we are fully mobile, therefore we provide our services to all 9 provinces in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Not only will we maximise both health and safety standards on your sites, but our unit will substantially reduce compensation costs and employees time away from work.

Your Time Is Valuable To Us

We are not limited to any sector as we also provide on-site TB screening services by means of Chest x-rays for early detection of TB.

Our equipment and mobile unit is of the highest standard and it provides a fast and efficient alternative for your employees, cutting down on the loss of valuable time and money.

Mobile Occupational Services

MOXS is a leading Mobile ChestX-ray company.We offer efficient and friendly service with highly Experienced and Professional staff. 

We offer cost effective mobile services to the following sectors:

  • Mining
  • Industrial
  • SAPS
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing

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You may be concerned about employees radiation exposure from chest X-rays, especially if you have to get them regularly. But the amount of radiation from a chest X-ray is low — even lower than what you’re exposed to through natural sources of radiation in the environment as well as no radiation is left in your body after the X-ray is complete. Even though the benefits of an X-ray outweigh the risk, you may be given a protective apron if you need more than one image, your health and safety is always in the protection of our hands.

Our Leading SUPPLIER:

Imagex (PTY) Ltd

X-ray equipment supplier in Alberton

Imagex is a supplier of products and services/repairs to companies in a wide range of sectors. we have proudly supplied and manufactured the mobile unit for MOXS. Check out their website on

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